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typing very slow, evernote becomes unusable

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dear team / community,

i've been having this problem for a couple of weeks on my android (v4.2.2) phone. on my iPad all is OK. i always install the latest updates, but somewhere in this process a bug must have been included...

the whole app becomes unusable, reaction while typing is delayed for more than 10 seconds, sometimes even 30 seconds... i have found a similar thread from 2012, but there was no clear solution posted.

any idea / help?

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Any update on this issue? I noticed the same problem recently (can't recall exactly but after one of the recent updates to Evernote app). I tried contacting support but I'm a Plus user and direct contact is not available. [side note: used to be a premium customer but bailed out when prices climbed dramatically. I love evernote but a little sour about the cost hikes]

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