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No "Encrypt Selected Text" available when right click

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I have purchased the premium version and have been using the IOS desktop version (or so I thought) on my Mac. However, when I highlight the text and right click, there is no "encrypt selected text" available for me to do encrytion. When I right click, it shows as such


Look Up "I report"

Search with Google




Spelling and Grammar



Paragraph Direction

Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track

Add to Evernote


But I don't find "encrypt selected text" anywhere as I see in some video online. Can anyone help me? Thanks

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Thanks for your prompt response. I finally understood what my problem was. I was trying to encrypt some text in the TITLE line (for testing).. But when I highlighted the text in the content and right click, "encrypt selected text" showed up which was great! Note that this text was hand typed. 


My another question is, how do you encrypt certain text which is within a scanned PDF document (such as bank account, SSN..) I usually scanned my document via scansnap which then stored directly into my "evernote notebook" as a PDF doc. 


Thanks in advance

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Have to use PDF software to address the PDF file.  AFAIK, the options are to redact the information within the PDF or to encrypt the entire PDF. 


FWIW, if I am going to store an otherwise not security sensitive note in a synced notebook, I tend to redact the sensitive information so as to be able search the remainder of the PDF with EN.

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