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So said to leave Evernote:(

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I have been a Evernote Premium for several years, I love this great product. But our guys from China has to solve the GFW issues, and we need a independent proxy.


As this thread which was created from 2008 that suggested Evernote should add  independent proxy configuration, it has been more than 7 years.


iCloud Notes from OS X 10.11 is much like Evernote, and I found that we could move notes from Evernote to iCloud notes


I just move more than 2000 notes to iCloud notes and decided not to use Evernote anymore. 


See you!


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Thanks for letting us know. Pro like notes features isn't for everyone. Some people desire to have a simplistic, basic, average notes experience. We wish you the best. If you desire a more feature rich and innovative note experience I'm sure The switch won't be all that difficult, but you never really know.

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