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Move cursor to found text after searching within a note?

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Is it possible to automatically move the cursor the location of the found text after searching within a note? That is, so that editing resumes at the found text without having to use the mouse.


I prefer to use the keyboard over using the mouse. The following seems to be my modus operandi to edit text:

  • Decide to change something in a document that is already open (e.g. in an Evernote note, text file).
  • Alt-tab into the program holding the document (e.g. Evernote, notepad).
  • Hit Ctrl-F to open a search box.
  • Type in part of to-be-changed text.
  • Hit Enter until the right part of the document has been found.
  • Hit Escape to close the search box.
  • Start editing the text.

This works fine in most programs, e.g. Notepad, Firefox, but not in Evernote 5.9 for Windows. In Evernote the cursor stays at the location it was when the search is initiated. So instead of hitting Escape, I have to reach for the mouse and click on the found text.


Apparently I follow the above procedure so much that using Evernote for Windows is very frustrating. So any help would be appreciated. For now I'll stick with the web version of Evernote whenever possible.


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No changes that I'm aware of.  Ctrl-F highlights the search term(s) and I click on the highlighted word to proceed.  If you click on Ctrl-H its possible to specify the replacement text and automatically insert it...

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I REALLY need to know how to move through the highlighted found terms. For example, I search for the word "data" and 6 notes in my notebook contain 10 hits of this word. I want to hop through and look at each sentence where this search word was found but the only way I know is to SCROLL until I see the highlighted word. This is too tedious. Is there a shortcut? There has to be.

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