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Work Chat limitations or me ?

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Having spent literally hours trawling through Work Chat related posts here, am finally resorting to posting this thread...

  • I have recently started using Work Chat, as part of my ramping up my use of Evernote. 
  • I love the ease with which a note can be shared with others using Work Chat.
  • HOWEVER it seems very crude in its implementation, especially in the way that all chats to a specific Evernote user appear to just get dumped into the same Work Chat 'bucket'

Maybe I am doing something fundamentally wrong?

  • But what I want to do when clicking 'New Chat' is exactly that - create a new chat thread. Not just append my new chat to the end of an existing chat thread with that person. Especially as I can already do that through the Work Chat folder anyway.
  • For example, I have a graphic designer that I work with. She comes up with various images and icons for me for different projects.
  • So I would like to be able to share a design spec note with her via Work Chat for each distinct project, and then record our interactions as we go through the development process for each project.
  • What I DON'T really want to do, is have just one Work Chat 'bucket' with her, where all our interactions on all projects get dumped. That would be very confusing and messy, as we can have 10 or more projects on the go at any one time...

On a possible related note, I did come across an earlier thread from MCheng (Evernote Employee) who was hinting that he was exploring a means to possibly name Work Chat threads.

  • If a 'New Chat' could be individually named against a particular user or users, that would be great
  • If the link for any shared document within that named work chat could also be copied into the other persons Evernote, that would put the cherry on top for me.

So does anyone know whether the named Work Chat feature is still being worked on?


Anyway I hope that the above makes sense, and thanks in advance for any help or feedback...


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Not sure whether the lack of response to this thread has been due to :

  1. Hardly any Evernote users actually using Work Chat in earnest ?
  2. People are using it, but nobody else has the same use case as me -  The need to have separate chat threads to the same person e.g. by project, or work vs personal (see my original post)
  3. Evernote are no longer putting resource into further development of Work Chat ?
  4. The explanation of my problem was not clear ?
  5. I posted this new thread too close to the Thanksgiving holiday ?

Fingers crossed that I will get some feedback this time...


Thanks, Andy

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Hi.  I imagine the main reason for any tumbleweed blowing through here is that it's the end of the year on the User Forum and lots of folks have dozens of conflicting business and personal tasks to get done before they enjoy a well-deserved holiday.  Thinking about long posts is not high on the agenda... ;)


Evernote I'm sure are in pretty much the same situation - maybe trying to get one more update out the door before it's a new year;  and while they almost certainly are working on changes to Work Chat, Evernote have never been chatty about work in progress or release dates (or pretty much anything else).


At present;  you don't seem to be doing anything wrong,  and what you already see is pretty much all you get in its present iteration.  If you can fit that into your workflow,  with all its limitations - good.  If you find another service is better,  then by all means use that service to deal with your collaboration activities.  Store your drafts and completed items in Evernote but use something else to get from one stage to another.  There are lots out there.


As and when Evernote gets better at this stuff,  you could consider moving back - but AFAIK it's not going to change in the near future.

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Thanks for the response Gazumped - I was pretty sure if anyone was going to comment it would be your good self  ;)


Fair comment as to other folks priorities, and also the uncertainty about Evernote's own efforts and focus at present.


But at least I now know that I am not incorrectly using Work Chat. But more a case of it is what it is for now. 

Just hope that Evernote do get around to putting some resource into enhancing Work Chat in the near future, as it is just a few functions short of revolutionising the way I can use Evernote. More importantly it will make it even more compelling (and easier to evangelise) to many business contacts...


ATB, Andy  

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