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Web Clipper Sign-In disappears when switching windows



This applies to Firefox and Chrome under Windows 7, and maybe more?


I use a different password for every site/service, so I use KeePass to manage my passwords.  KeePass has a nifty feature where I can press Ctrl+V to "paste" the user ID and password into a sign-in dialog box.


Unfortunately, the Evernote web clipper sign-in dialog box disappears if I switch to another window, such as KeePass.  This means that I have to copy the password from KeePass (into the clipboard), then in the browser, I click the clipper icon, and when the sign-in dialog opens, I have to manually type the user ID and then paste the password.


Please update the web clipper sign-in so that it doesn't go away when I alt-tab between windows so I can activate KeePass.  ...thanks!

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