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Forwarding outlook 2016 emails to Evernote

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I am not an IT expert by any means so need some thoughts/assistance. We are a small UK business and clients email us using different email accounts e.g. Fred@ Accounts@ Hello@ etc via Outlook 2016. We do not have a hosted exchange and wish to find a solution whereby all business incoming and outgoing emails would be automatically sent to the clouds both for remote access by any staff member and for backup purposes. We understand Evernote business might be a solution?


Also many of the emails have PDF and other document attachments and therefore Evernote OCR will assist for general searches on specific words?





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Hi.  Well,  it's certainly possible to set up a 'rule' in your various inboxes to forward all emails to an Evernote account email address.  Whether you'd want everyone's emails available to everyone,  or just to the specified recipient,  you should be able to set up Outlook rules to direct them appropriately.  Whether you'd want to do this is open to question.  Evernote is not an email client,  and if you receive an email that requires a response,  the responder will still need access to the receiving email account to send it.  (Evernote notes do include an 'email to' option,  but that comes from an Evernote 'do not reply' address 'on behalf of' the sender.)


From a purely personal view I'd say this is a really bad reason to buy into Evernote Business - although there are lots of other very good ones!. 


If it is the only reason,  then please get some advice from a business IT expert before you go any further.  Outlook itself is a flexible business application,  and you should be able to forward and share emails pretty freely.  Evernote would be ideal to archive communications,  and to share details of new products / prices / customers with colleagues,  but to collate and collaborate on emails?  Not so much.

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