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Using Evernote to store and retrieve fineart images

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I want to use Evernote more and move to premium or business. I'd like to know if I would be able to use it to store and retrieve images of fineart like original paintings, prints, etc and if there would be any advice on how best to do this.

Thanks for any help or direction you can give.


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It depends on a variety of factors


How big are the images?

What is the format?


and most important

How many?


My personal belief is that Evernote is super for text and small photos, but it is not the best method to store large high-quality high-resolution photos. Flickr or Google Photo or other photo cloud storage sites would be more efficient.

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If you're looking to store HD pictures see - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88727-thumbnails-not-generating-for-a-few-notes/#entry383388


the thread says that Evernote 'dislikes' pictures over 13MP ...??... it's apparently better to select (or process to) a lower resolution than put HD pictures in the database.


You don't need anything better than 96DPI to see an image on screen or up to 600DPI to print a quality image.  The relationship between DPI (dots per inch) and picture resolution in MP (megapixels) is not a simple one - google 'what is the relationship between dpi and resolution' for a lot more information on the subject!


Your main issue is probably what you intend to do with the images - if they're effectively an online catalogue,  smaller is definitely better.

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