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Loosing data (or big footing [overwriting] data) how to retrieve

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I had an event where I seem to have lost some data.  Something I have not seen before.  So, I start googling about lost data in Evernote.  There seems to be quite a bit posted about it, stretching over a period of yrs right up to present.


[Aside: From here on I've probably been a bit verbose but saw no handy way to keep it a bit briefer.]


As mentioned; I have not had occassion to see data loss happen myself... though I have only been using Evernote for 6 mnths or so, and I have only been working this particular running account as described below for a few weeks.


All the messages I found googling about `lost data', seem to be about loosing whole notes.


My situation went like this:


Overview: I'm using a single note to keep a running account of specific details on certain meds I take. So, I make repeated edits in a sort of formatted notation, to a single growing note.


I usually do most of the entries in this singe note from an android phone. I save the note when done and  it is set to sync on save and hourly to the online server if I'm on wireless (which [far as I know] I was throughout the phenomena described here)


I occasionally start from the pc application on my desktop....where it is easier to get a more formated looking entry. I've never noticed any data loss doing this for a couple of weeks now.  So I most often add data from an android phone, and often will open the desktop version sometime later and I might add punction and other fomatting to the existing lines and maybe add another new line depending on whats going on with the meds.


So, today I edited the note by adding two lines using the android application, one was some time late yesterday and the other earlier today...then, some hours later, I opened the pc application and see those two lines haven't propogated yet to the desktop.... Ok I press the sync button  but still the two latest edits do not appear..   I go back to the phone applicaiton and try resyncing from there...... Still no propigation but the most recent addtions are still on the android application at this point. Next time (a few minutes later)  I look again at the phone version.. now its missing the two latest lines too.


Far as I've noticed, going along with the running data,  it seems if newer data is on the server, then pressing the sync button on the desktop version will pull that data over.....

Note that I am NOT ( as I write this) quite sure exactly of the sequence of events.


This process has taken enough time that I cannot now remember the exact details I added earlier to day and late yesterday.  I'd really like to retrieve those two data lines.


Is there likely to be any way to recover the two most recent lines that now do not appear in either Evernote version?

And; is it likely I somehow big footed the edits into never never land?

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Did you look at the web at all during this process to see if the updates made it there, though I'm guessing from the narrative probably not?  Kind of hard to determine if it was a sync issue, either Android to server or server to desktop.  So best to check the web before going too far.  Also helps to determine bug versus timing.


You could do a search in you EN data base to see if you have any notes containing "conflicting" or a notebook with a similar name.  If so It could be your note.  If a paid subscriber you could use the history option to see if you have a version of the note with the two lines.  Risk is that however you got into the condition, making changes to the desktop version made it look like the current version and it overwrote the phone.  But again, hard to tell at this point.

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