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Photo of Work Chat Recipient doesn't change

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In my daily work chat one of my chat collegues changed his photo.

In win7, 64 Bit, it doesen't change.

different from my android 5  mobile where I get the new right pcicture.

New installation under win 7 wasn't succeessful.

What can I do ?

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Hi.  You say "new installation wasn't successful" - does that mean it works but still shows the old picture,  or that you can't reinstall Evernote?  Are you looking at the live chat, or a copy you've moved to your own notebooks?  Have you added any comments to that chat since your colleague changed his picture?

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reply to the 1st question: the new Installation shows the old Picture (on both PC (Win 7) and Notebook(Win 10), but not under Android 5 on my mobile. Yesterday evening (german time) I updated both Windows items to the latest Evernote version


I'm looking at the live Chat. The picture  was chenged at 3th or 4th of November and sinde that I added many comments to that chat (almost daily)

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