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Document recognition in images

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I've been using the evernote app on my smartphone to create images of hand written notes pages. Evernote app is very helpful here, as it automatically detects the borders of the paper.


Now I'd like to feed other pictures (jpg, gif, etc.) into Evernote - old ones, or some photos taken by other people - and would like Evernote to detect the paper in this picture.


Is there any trick or any additional app with which I can do that on OSX?


I've loads of pictures to process, so it'll be a nightmare to print them all and scan again with the smartphone ...


Thanks for any hints and ideas how to solve my problem.



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Hi.  Have you been using the app (or Scannable) to capture these documents as PDF files,  or JPGs?  Evernote will recognise the text in a picture (subject to obvious limitations of definition and size) whether it labels the file a document or a photo.  It's possible to add a JPG file or files to a PDF manually,  but if you import the file into Evernote,  there's no way to automatically crop it to the document borders.  You may be overthinking this - I'd suggest your best option is to use an Import Folder (in Windows) or the equivalent scripting steps in Apple to import the files into Evernote notes.  If it's practical to do so - ie there aren't thousands - give them relevant titles and add keywords,  because the character recognition on pre-taken pictures may not be very accurate.  Best suggestion - try a few imports and see how Evernote does in indexing the content!

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Thanks for your response.


So this may go to the wish list for the Evernote desktop app, to be able to process existing JPGs :-)


I've found Genius Scan for iPhone to process existing images from my foto library. This, however, is a slow process - loading to the library, transfer to the phone, working through hundreds of images cropping the images, and not getting lost ...


If anyone else had a similar issue and found a software for OSX, please let me know.

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