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mac client generating checkboxes when typing []. Can I disable?

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I use Evernote to keep track of code snippets quite often and this morning got hit by checkboxes being generated every time I put in two square brackets like `foo = []`. If I simplify formatting via the menu, it then adds a space between the brackets, which is no good. Is there a way to disable this feature completely? I assume the fact I've never been hit by it before, as a daily user, suggests its new?


And I know its a long-running request, but having a "code block" that does not do anything with formatting would really be a life saver.



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Yes, it is probably new on the Mac


It was just released on the Windows version.

I doubt that I will be able to remember them or have a need to use them.


Added keyboard shortcuts to make your workflow faster.
Here's the complete list (don't forget to hit the spacebar to start a numbered or bulleted list):
Start a numbered list: "1. "
Start a bulleted list: "* "
Create an unchecked checkbox: "[]" or "[ ]"
Create a checked checkbox: "[x]"
Add a horizontal rule: "***" or "---"
Create a table with 3 columns: "[][][]"
Create a table with 4 columns and 2 rows: "[][][][]x2"
To avoid the unchecked box, I type
a period, the 2 brackets, and a space
Then delete the period.
Maybe someone else has a simpler solution on disabling it.
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