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Feature Request - full text search on tag names





I have been using EN on Mac for a long time. One very frustrating thing for me is that I have to remeber how my tags begin, so when I start typing the tag name I must explicitly user the relevant text. This may be desitrable in certain scenariou, but when working with many tags it becomes a problem.


I would illustrate my request with an example. I have got two tags: "Personal Development" and "Business Development". In EN on the mac I have to start typing "Person..." and then I am shown the suggestion Personal Development. However I would like to start typing "devel..." and I would like to see both suggestions.


I logged in to the web version today and I saw that it was working exactly as I wanted it.


Are there plans to implement this full text search on tag names in the Mac version of EN?



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I don't know what Evernote's plans are for tag search/selection.  However, this is one of those behaviors that we really need a setting for in EN Preferences.  Some users, like you, prefer to search/select tags using any word, or characters, in the tag name.  OTOH, there are users like me who prefer to search/select by only the start of the Tag name.


When I use the EN Web client, like you say it searches for any matching characters anywhere in the tag name.  For me, this presents a lot of choices that would never want, and actually obscures my real, desired choices.


So, I am happy with the way EN Mac works, but not with EN Web -- just the opposite of you.   ;)


Until/IF Evernote changes EN Mac, you might consider this approach, which I have found works very well:

  1. Name you tags with short prefixes that indicate a broad category, like "DEV." for "Development".
    1. So in your case you would have:
      1. DEV.Personal
      2. DEV.Business
  2. When you need to choose a tag for the tag filter or assign to a Note, all you need do is type "dev." and EN will show a dropdown list of all tags that start with "dev."
    1. To select the tag you want. just continue typing, one character more in this case will select the one you want
      Just use the arrow keys to select the one you want

For example, I have a *lot* of Evernote related tags, all of which have the prefix "EN."

If I can't remember the one I want, just typing "en." gives me the dropdown list.


The other advantage of this approach is searching for Notes in the Search box.  I can find all Evernote related Notes just by searching for "tag:en.*"


In your case, if you have further subcategories for Personal/Business development, you can extend this approach like this:

  • DEV.Per.Training
  • DEV.Per.Physical
  • DEV.Biz.Startup
  • DEV.Biz.Funding
  • etc

Anyway, I hope this gives you some ideas on how to deal with the current EN Mac behavior until/IF Evernote makes the changes you want.

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I agree with the initial request.  The creation of an implied hierarchy in your tagging convention is really a work around to systems that didn't allow you to create a natural hierarchy.  I used to have to do this with gmail until they allowed logical label hierarchies a couple years ago.  In JMichael's case, typing "training" should instantly show all his tags related to training regardless of what root tag tree he has created.  Should not create too many unnecessary hits IMO

However - having a preference for this would indeed be best of both worlds.

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