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Feedback- taking photos and notes in Evernote




I recently used Evernote on trip where I was taking some photos and also writing notes under them.

Workflow on Evernote it's now quite easy for this kind of work. I really liked that when you take photos, there is list of photos and you can easily delete some photos before saving them into note.

But it can still use some refinement. My main problem was ability to get cursor under photo to be able to write there my notes, specially if it was last photo on page. Usually I had to create few empty lines under photo, so it's easier to write there.

And after some time (sometimes few minutes, sometimes longer) whole Evernote started to be very slow and I had to restart it. I was creating fairly big notes, because there was even 40 photos (large size) in one note.

Main problem was battery drain, if I didn't brought battery pack with me I would not be able to use it at all.

When I used it first time, it drained battery on my iPhone in 1,5 hour, then I turn on "synchronize on wifi only" and battery life improved greatly (it lasted about 3hours), because I was not on wifi. But still I had to charge iPhone at every possibility to get through whole day. I did synchronization only in evening when I was on wifi.

At the end of trip I was satisfied, because I was able to use it, even with those problems, but if you improve it a bit, specially battery life, it would be better.


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Hi.  The one thing I would suggest is - take your pictures and add each one to its own note.  Dealing with very large notes can be a problem for the limited storage and processing capacity of a mobile device.  If you take a picture,  add a comment,  then save the note and start over,  you will avoid not only the large note issue,  but also the risk of losing your data completely.  The pictures and comments relating to a very large note are held in temporary memory on that device.  Running out of battery power (which you already recognised as an issue) could easily mean a partly-saved or totally corrupted note and no record of the pictures or comments you had made to that point.


Once you have acquired all the photos and notes and synced them with the server,  you could them merge them into one note if you wish,  print them to a PDF file,  or use Presentation Mode to show the notes onscreen.

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