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Editing attached PDF without skitch

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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to annotate a PDF that is attached in a note.

I can use skitch to do it without problem, but I would rather use another program, with which I can highlight text better.

The problem is, after I open the PDF in the note and annotate it in the other program, it doesn't save in the note. It is like I never edited it.

If I edit in skitch, the app asks if it should append the edited PDF or replace it, which is exactly what I want do, just in another program.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi.  If you're editing on a mobile client,  the process of downloading a PDF attachment and editing it in a separate app creates a new file and saves it to your device.  You'd need to complete your edit and go back to the original note to add the new file and delete the old one.  It works differently on a desktop - there if you open the file from a note,  Evernote saves a copy of the document on which you may your changes.  That copy is then added back into the note as a replacement for the original.  If Evernote don't have a feature request to make that process available on mobiles,  now would be a good time.  Short term all you can do is manually attach the new file to your note - beware data charges / upload limits if these are large files;  syncing from a mobile can take time - especially for large files.

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