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Clipper not installing


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Safari 9.0.1

Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.1


My Evernote kept crashing when I tried to open it (although Clipper worked from Safari then--I could see the clips on my iPad's Evernote). I did a complete Uninstall on Evernote, reinstalled it; now Evernote actually works. However, Clipper does not work anymore. I removed the button (now blank) from my toolbar, tried to reinstall Clipper from both the Evernote website and the Apple Gallery, nothing worked. Yes, I've tried checking the "customize Toolbar", it's not there. I'm getting messages that installation is failing. Any help?


I really don't want to keep uninstalling and re-installing Evernote, because then it has to re-download my whole set of notes and is using up my monthly download allowance on our home internet. 

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