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Merging Table Cells



I would love the option to merge cells together within a table to create a header. I use tables to structure data. I know many will probably say I should just put the data in a spreadsheet and drag and drop that into the note. The problem is that it would over-complicate my existing workflow. I would now need to open something else to get access to data. Anything on the roadmap?

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I agree, we need *basic* table management in Evernote.

We don't need all the extensive features of either Excel or Word, but the following basic features would be most useful:

  1. Merge (and unmerge) Cells
  2. Cut/Copy/Paste Rows or Columns (to move to another location in the table)
  3. Sort rows based on selected column
  4. Set default table properties

Also, please fix the bug (been there for several versions) that prevents inserting a Horizontal Line in a table cell.

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Thank you so much for this thread and amazing discussion. Here I have learned how to merge cells in excel and the exact solution that I want to merge the cell of table. I wanted to make the table to calculate standard deviation in excel. I am searching for this solution on the internet and I land on this page. I have got the solution of my problem in the thread. Thank you so much all of you and evernote forum. Thanks 🙂

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