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Question on PDF extension


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Newbie question!


Saving on-line account statements images with PDF clipper.  The notes on evernote don't show an image but a PDF exention box which then takes you to the image.  Is this image stored on evernote web?


My concern is that if it relates back to the original financial site then I could lose access to those account statement images if I should close that account with the financial institution.


Would appreciate some help!



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Hi.  If you're clipping the images with the Chrome clipper,  the images are being routed to Evernote's servers and are stored there permanently as part of your database.  In a desktop version you'd have the option of seeing these PDFs either as icons or as a full page - and if you're saving account details that are important to you,  you'd have a local copy of the database for offline working,  and the chance to make further backups to make sure you always have access to that data,  even in the event of network outages or equipment failure.

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