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Image Quality/Compression question



Hi there!!! I'm thinking about archiving the photos I post online but I was wondering if Evernote change the quality of the picture we put into notes.


When I retrieve those jpgs from a note with "Save As...", is there a quality loss? Dosen't seems to because the file size seems to be the same but wanted to ask the Evernote guru guys ;)

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Hi.  We're a user forum,  so if you want to ask Evernote,  you'll need to raise a support ticket - click Troubleshooting in the Help Center (link below in my sig) and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 'Contact Support' button. 


I take pictures too,  and there's no way I'd use Evernote for storage - Picasa and Flickr and Nikon and now even my various online storage providers all have different apps that offer storage and more features related to a photo-archive.  In more detail -

  • There's a limit for uploads in any given month,  and multi-megabyte image files are a sure way to soak up as much of that limit as possible.
  • MetaData on pictures is important - date,  location,  camera information etc.  None of that is saved when a picture s added to a note.
  • No matter how good your device camera,  or your own skills,  it's always possible to make some improvement to any given picture - Evernote has no tools whatsoever to do this.
  • Although your pictures are stored  online,  it's nice sometimes to have a printed version - there's no easy way to convert an Evernote note into a conventional photographic print..
  • Evernote seems to limit the quality of HD pictures within its database structure to streamline storage.
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I agree with Gaz. Photo cloud storage is the way to go.

Another one for the list is the new release of Google Photos.

It has amazing artificial intelligence. I just search for DOG and it finds all my photos that contain a dog. Or I search for Bar Harbor and it finds all my photos taken in Bar Harbor (even the meal I ate at a restaurant in Bar Harbor).

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I understand Evernote is not a photo platform and I do use Google Photos for my ios devices.

Here's some practical example:


1. Let's say I want to compose drafts of any content (can be blog post, future facebook ads, etc...) I will put image in my note, can I use those back to make the actual post?


2. I posted a picture on facebook the other day. As you all know, you want to post 2048px files to get the HD compression I do not really want to keep the 2048px version on my computer. But what if I create a note with that 2048px in it as a form of archive? That way if I want to create an article about "wedding" I may get back all those 2048px version inside Evernote without even having to browse all my past wedding to see if I already have some exported content.


To "gazumped", it does seem Evernote keep the Metadata and I know it's a user forum.


Don't need to troubleshoot anything, looking to share my thoughts on the subject.

Maybe other users have worked with Evernote with that style of workflow.

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I agree with the others that Evernote is not the best place to store your photos.

I get it that you are looking for an archive for the photos you store online.

IMO, Evernote would be a poor choice even for that.


May I suggest that you google "mac photo archive "

Looks like lots of good stuff available for your consideration.

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Hi! Wanted to share the reply I got from official Evernote people



Hi there, thanks for contacting Evernote support!

I understand you would like to know if Evernote changes the quality, compression, or metadata of a file when inserting it into Evernote.

If the image is attached as a file, I do not believe any changes are applied. If you drag the image from a web browser directly into Evernote, the metadata will not be maintained.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Brian S.


So keeping a copy of the files I put online seems to be a really nice concept now that I know Evernote *should not* change anything to the image. For me at least, I can see other people saying Evernote is not made for this and that. 


In my mind, using Evernote for picture would make the same sens as with text since it excel at being a reference service. Not trying to say that I will archive all my 4 terabytes of work into Evernote. I've got two drobos and Amazon Cloud Drive for that.... But for me trying to organize 2000 docs files in folder is the same hassle as to keeping track of my low-res picture. 


Thanks Evernote!

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In your initial post you talked about looking for an archive for your online photos.

Of course, Evernote is just another online service.


I don't know your budget, but you might consider a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device like Synology.

I find them very cost effective.


I have a Synology NAS box with two 3 TB drives in a RAID 1 configuration, using the Western Digital 3 TB WD Red SATA 3.5 drives.

This NAS box works extremely well.  Although the WD Red drives are designed for continuous operation, the Synology NAS box is smart -- it goes into sleep mode (powering down the drives) when it has not been accessed for a given period of time, and the auto-wakes when you attempt to access it.

So, I consider the lifetime of the Synology NAS to be many, many years.


The NAS would provide a backup/archive for your high res online photos, and then, with the RAID 1, a backup in case of one drive failing.


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