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Clipper not Clipping

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Uninstall / reinstall Clipper?


You can reinstall this extension as many times as you like and it simply won't work. Clear out all cookies. Uninstall all other extensions. Nothing works. You can use the Clipper options on the right-click context menu, but these have limited functionality. 


Clipper seems to work fine on Firefox on a Mac. But the Safari extension is completely broken and has been since forever. 


This is the single most frustrating bug with Evernote. 

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Actually,  at more or less the same time as your original post EN Mac 6.2.1 was released - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/89960-evernote-for-mac-62-released/?p=385808


" the Safari Share Extension is not reliable when web clipping a page on El Capitan so it's disabled on the Mac App Store version...We still recommend using the Evernote Web Clipper over the share extension so you won't lose web clipping capability and in fact you'll get better capabilities with the web clipper."

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