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Have some consideration for user on less powerful devices.

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I have some very fast computers I use, i7's are my favorite. But for most of my work with Evernote I have small two processor netbook that is small and easy to carry around but has a full sized keyboard that I can touch type on. And since Evernote is worthless without search I use search a lot. I go to the search bar, type two characters and then it freezes. After a bit I can type three more, and then it freezes and then goes swirling around circles and does a sync, even if it has just done one a few minutes before. On a fast computer you don't notice this but not every computer is that fast. 

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Hi.  If Evernote seems to hang from time to time,  one explanation can be 'type ahead' searches going on in the background.  In Windows you can change the settings in the registry,  or use EnRegEd to make changes for you.

Alternatively,  try turning off "Note Context" via Tools > Options > Context then CLEAR Show Context Checkbox


ENRegEd  is an application developed by experienced Evernote user @spg SCOTT to change some options that don't (yet) have a menu tickbox.  It hasn't been updated recently,  where Evernote has (a lot) so some of these settings may no longer work - use with caution...


Download the latest version (August 2014) here -


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