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We need WYSIWYG!

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WYSIWYG came to personal computers long ago. And there are still very good reasons why we need to print some notes. This is were Evernote can help reduce paper usage by giving us the option to print on demand as needed. But what you get from Evernote Web and Evernote Desktop is very different. Sometimes I prefer one of the other, but neither are the same on the screen as what you get on the paper. 


I heard there is an effort going on to improve the editor and I have hopes we will get features we need. Such as the ability to control line spacing. Some fonts and sizes come out 1, some 1.5 spacing. Depends on what you print from. I really need to resize images. Right now I have to copy into Paint, resize, then paste back into Evernote. What a pain. Sometimes it is easier to cut the entire note into Word or Google Docs, edit and then paste back. 


Also I would like to see Print Preview get fixed. It sometime bares no resemblace to what you get. So you print, and then adjust, wasting paper. 

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I am a great fan of Evernote, I love it and use it a lot (premium account). These days I am mostly using the web client.


Unfortunately, I must say that it seems to me that this story of "we are working on the editor to improve it" has been around for quite some time (2 years at least) with no visible results. Do they care at all? Do they not realize how important is to have a good editor? Come on, it is the heart of the application.



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