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Two copies of photos

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Is there any way to prevent photos taken with the evernote app from also being saved to the standard apple photos app? 


I had this great realization that to try and organize my photos on I would try and use evernote to take and manage the pictures i take from time to time simply to remember something they aren't pictures I want to show up in a life show of a vacation or even ever be stored in the native apple photos app however it seems when I take a photo with evernote a copy gets saved in  the native photos app as well. This means what was once a 3 step process al be it frustrating when using the native camera app is now an 8 step process if i try and use evernote.


Taking a note picture with the native camera app.


1. slide up the camera lock screen button

2. take picture of random thing I want to remember

3. remember to delete picture after it's not needed anymore.


Taking a note picture with ever note.


1. slide down the notification center 

2. tap the evernote photo button

3. unlock iphone

4. take picture.

5. open native photos app.

6. find the photo that was just taken.

7. delete photo from native photos app.

8. remember to delete picture from evernote when it's not needed any more. 



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