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Evernote Premium is not able to sync - To Many Ntebooks

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Hi Everyone, 


 I have a client who created 250 notebooks and didn't realize there was a limitation. We are starting to clear out her Windows Desktop version of notebooks she wasn't using. 


You can see here we are down to 236 notebooks 




But Evernote will not sync. 


I don't want her to lose any notebook and/or notes. 


1) How do I back up all of Evernote so we can restore it just incase on a Windows PC

2) How do I fix this sync issue and get her back up and going?




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See EN KB Article Backing up and Restoring Evernote Data under Windows

  • To add to the above, export each NB to a separate ENEX file (named for that NB)
  • Be sure check the box to "Include Tags"

Here are my suggestions. Quit normal use of Evernote (don't  add, edit, or change any Notes) on all devices until you have finished the below.


Carefully read and understand each step below before proceeding.  Feel free to ask questions here if you have any doubts.


Choose a sufficient number of Notebooks to merge that will reduce your total NB count to less than 250.  Getting the number of NBs to about 240 would give you a good pad.

  1. Do the backup per above.  Make sure it is successful.
  2. Create a new sync'd NB to hold all of the Notes you will move/merge
    1. I'll call it "MergedNB".  Of course you can name it as you like.
  3. Make a list of each NB you want to remove, and the number of Notes in it.
    Calculate the Total Number of Notes to be merged.
  4. For each NB that you want to remove/merge:
    1. Select that NB
    2. Select all Notes in that NB
      1. This will show the multi-note panel in the space where your Note content usually shows
      2. There will be a field for tags
    3. Create/assign a new tag named for that NB in the Tags field of the Multi-note Panel
      1. You will both create and assign it in one step.
      2. Enter the new tag, and press RETURN
      3. You will later use these tags like you previously used Notebooks.
      4. Best to use a short name without any spaces
      5. Something like "NB.ProjectA" for the NB "Project A to Build a Widget"
      6. You can easily rename these tags later if you like
    4. Click on the "Move to Notebook" button, and select "MergedNB"
    5. Click on any one Note to remove the Multi-Note Panel
  5. Verify that all of the NBs used in Step #4 are now empty -- have no Notes.
  6. Empty your EN Trash (at bottom of NB list)
  7. Delete each of the NBs you merged in Step #4
  8. View the EN Trash
    1. Confirm there are NO notes in the trash
    2. If there are, it means one or more of the NBs you just deleted still had notes in it
    3. Click on the Notebook dropdown at the top of each Note, and move it to the MergedNB.
    4. When you get done, the EN Trash should be empty.
  9. Verify all Notes have been moved to the MergedNB
    1. The Note count for the MergedNB should = the Total Notes in Step #3
    2. Browse the MergedNB Note list to see if anything obvious is missing.
  10. Verify your total NB count to be < 250

At this point you should be ready to sync your account.


Good luck, and please let us know how it goes.

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