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Want to disable dashes being turned into horizontal rules

Bill Sacks


In the latest Evernote Mac version (6.2), strings of '---', '===' and '***' are turned into horizontal rules. I find this often isn't what I want: I use strings of these characters (especially dashes) frequently in my notes, to visually delimit sections that aren't quite as separate as what I delimit using horizontal rules. Given that it's already easy to add a horizontal rule with a keyboard shortcut (cmd-shift-H), it seems unnecessary to have Evernote turn these characters into Horizontal Rules for you. At the very least, could you provide an option to disable this automatic conversion?

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More generally: I would request that there be an option to disable all of the recently-added text replacements - including the horizontal rules, emoticons, etc. I can understand that some people would like these, but personally this is rarely what I want.

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