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What kind of support does EN have ?

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All Evernote paid subscriptions (Plus, Premium, and Business) all include access to Evernote agent support and chat. Evernote Basic users have access to community support. The complete breakdown of Evernote product features by tier can be checked out here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005157


If you give a breakdown of the issue you are experiencing, I'd be happy to try to help out in any way possible. 

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As far as I'm concerned, Evernote's handling of the subscription renewal process has changed for the worse. I was a premium subscriber ever since they started their subscription model, and an Evernote user since 2004 - I was an original beta member back in October 2004. Yet last week Evernote canceled my premium subscription and there is no way to contact anyone to even try to get it straightened out.


Apparently when Evernote submitted the renewal charge to my AMEX account, AMEX held payment and called me to authenticate the charge. The AMEX rep told me that there has been a relatively high number of fraudulent charges reported lately on Evernote charges, so they were confirming charges from them with the members. I approved the charge immediately and the AMEX rep said he was submitting payment right away. But it was rejected by Evernote. It seems that when any such hold is made against a charge they immediately just cancel the premium account and won't accept any more payments from the account number, which is ludicrous.


All my attempts to contact Evernote to get this fixed have failed - since I am now no longer a premium user I cannot contact Evernote. Someone here suggested that I contact the Evernote Twitter rep, so I did. I received a reply stating that he couldn't respond to Twitter messages on that account and asked me to use a different Evernote Twitter account. I did and sent all the info to him via Twitter DM. I never received a reply after that.


Sooo, I have exported all of my Evernote notebooks and I'm no longer using Evernote. Since they offer no possible way to resolve billing issues at all there is no more that I can do to remedy this problem.


So beware - there is no support at all to resolve billing issues because they jump way too fast canceling your premium account and they won't accept any requests from you as a newly kicked "free" account.


Thank you.



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The billing issues have me bummed out as well.I have been an Evernote Premium user for years, had a billing problem last year where they said my card was declined but it actually wasn't, and had a heck of time trying to get it fixed. (A glitch would not allow me to re-authorize payment or add a new card). I couldn't figure out how to fix it so I searched the forum and found another user posted the same problem. Other users replied with same problem, and an Evernote emplyee, Nancy M., had the audacity to warn other readers of the post to not assume that it was Evernote's fault. Do Evernote employees really think that long time users are unable to add a credit card? You can see the post here:




They eventually fixed it, and I kept my Premium.


Just now they did the same thing, said card was declined, after finally figuring out how to reach them, they replied and said it was their fault, and I would have to re-authorize.


Well this time they immediately booted me from Premium, even before my subscription was up.


As I was getting ready to re-add the card, I just realized the price went up, was paying $5 / month,now it is $5.99 / month unless I pay a year in advance.


I don't recall getting any notification of a pending price increase?


I like the software functionality, but I'm seriously considering looking for something else. So disappointing.

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