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(Archived) Restricting Notebooks to sync on new client computer

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Because we don't have the option of sharing selected notebooks with other EN account users on the desktop clients yet (I know it's possible through the web), it is possible that as an alternative, I can set up EN on a new machine, log into my account, but limit which notebooks are sync'd to that machine?

For example, I want to set up a notebook that is for communication between my PA and myself. I then set up a "Communications" notebook on my account.

I then set up evernote on her computer, using my account info, but only let her instance of evernote syncronize the "Communication" notebook - and none of the others. Effectively restricting access to the rest of my notes.

Such a function may require re-entry of the account password in order to dis/allow that machine to sync the rest of the notebooks.

Is there a possibility for this to occur?


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This is not currently possible. I don't know about future plans.

If your desktop/laptop is Windows (doesn't matter what your PA's is), there are a couple of ways to work around this, that may work for you. (Or not.)

You could set up a different account to share with your PA. You could use 3.5 for your personal account & 3.1 for your share account. Or...if you want to use 3.1 for your personal account, vice versa. Or...if you want to use 3.1 for both, install the 3.1 portable on a thumb drive & have that use one account & the 3.1 on your desktop use the other account. If you did something like this, I'd say it's probably best to have only one computer syncing the share account at a time. IE, for the shared account, maybe have it only manual sync. The reason I say this is I've used 3.1 & 3.5 on the same computer, same account simultaneously. If I added very many notes to say 3.1, it seemed like it took a long time & several syncs for 3.5 to get all the changes. It seemed like the process went much faster if I only had 3.1 open, added several notes, sync'd, exited & then fired up 3.5 & sync'd.

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Thanks for that,

Had considered that option, but wanted to see if I could keep it simpler.

I think for now, as a lot of the traffic will be one-way for a while, I might just get her to email everything to my evernote email address so at least it finds its way into my evernote, without her having access to it all.

I've gone back to 3.1 as it is - too many bugs in 3.5, and a few changes I'd rather hang on to (especially some keyboard shortcuts).

Thanks for the thoughts though.


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