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Notes not showing in Windows desktop client

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My notes are not showing up in the right window although the list of notebooks shows up on the left in my Windows desktop. I have had this problem for a month or two. Once in a while it will work fine. It always works fine on iOs and android. I have Windows 10. Help!

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Hi.  Windows 10 is a bit of a grey area still - you obviously should be able to see your notes - but are you talking about  list of notes in a specific notebook,  or a blank space where the content of a selected note should be?  A screenshot might help,  next time this happens..

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SteveRay - thanks.  Updated to this morning and no notes! Checked my settings (including F11/Ctrl-F11) and nothing.  Dragged the corner of the window as you suggested and all is restored.

I wasn't sure if this was just a Win 10 issue, so I tried updating EN on an old XP desktop... hung the entire computer during the "extraction" process - twice! On second reboot I loaded up EN and it was still at the previous version ( It works fine, so I'll just leave it at that.

The Win 10 version (9915) seems to be working fine since the little display issue was resolved.   Except I notice there is no "Delete Note" any more ... it's been replaced by the "Move Note to Trash" option ... really ???  I know this is technically what "delete" did anyway, but ....

Can I suggest we rename the "Move Note" option to "Leave your existing note in exactly the same place in the internal EN database, but replace the current Note_Stack pointer value with a new one so that it appears to be in a different part of your notebook structure".

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