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Feature Request: Moving of a note based on a "move" date.

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I keep notes of all my travel / invitations in Evernote.  Periodically I go through manually and delete the ones that are old.  It would be nice to be able to assign a "move date" to a note so that on that date it would automagically be moved to a default folder, maybe one called "Review and Delete Notes".  Then I could quickly delete them.





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JWS - Until such an "automagical" feature is added to Evernote to do what you want, you might want to try a technique that I use to achieve the same result.


Add a keyword to Notes that you will want to delete at a later time. The syntax of the keyword could look like this: Delete$YYYYMMDD, where YYYYMMDD is the date you will want to delete the Note. When the date comes (or whenever), search for Delete$. You will get a list of Notes. Then, delete the ones as appropriate.


If you don't want to add keywords to Notes as I described, then create a Tag named Delete$YYYYMMDD (or DeleteLater) and assign it to the relevant Notes.

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