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Feature Request: Sync of notes

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It would be nice to have a copy of a note automatically update when the original is updated.


For example:  I keep a note of my itinerary in a notebook called "Summer Washington Trip".  I now copy it into a notebook that I call Offline Notes that I download onto my IPad.  It would be nice if a change the original note were to automagically be changed in the Offline Notes notebook.





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You could make the Summer Washington Trip an offline notebook for whatever period of time if you are worried about using storage on your iPad.  Or you could just move it to the Offline Notes notebook (you would have to use tags). 


Also, even if the note isn't in your Offline Notes notebook you can still see it on your iPad as long as it is in a synced notebook, it just may be downloaded each time you access it.

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One solution might be a wishlist feature I've mentioned a couple of times... to be able to select certain tags as offline contexts (At the moment we can only select specific notebooks for offline viewing on mobile). That way (at least in the above case) you wouldn't have to duplicate/ copy notes... and the same note would could appear in different contexts. 


For some people, the reverse might be a good solution: If one had their Evernote set up predominantly on a tag-based system... if one moved certain notes into offline notebook(s), it would matter little, since their notes are ordinarily filtered/ viewed in tag contexts. I wouldn't fit into the latter setup, since I employ a hybrid.


Yet another solution might be to use a 3rd-party app that syncs with Evernote and pull in only those notes which are tagged for a specific trip... and one can view their notes offline on the 3rd-party interface. If you're on iOS, Gneo is a great solution... you can see your entire note content therein. 

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