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is there some sort of Facebook evernote clip feature?

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is there a plan for evernote to create an intelegent evernote clipper for facebook post, notes, photo , feeds and album


I'll made this easy to explain by example..
I saw an album from facebook of different hairstyle for men..  a very informative album but when you try to use evernote clipper.. well.. it doesn't work. so at the end you just create a notebook and paste the link there.  but with that solution there is a danger that you might not see it in the future it the user deleted the album and or deleted his account or you are not connected to the internet.

there is way to do it but it needs to be done manually.. by downloading each photo and post it on a notebook one by one.


just leaving this here for the record for developers to think and consider developing something for it, facebook is one of the tool that most people are using now a days it would great if you can have a clipper that works perfectly with thier website.

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Maybe, at the very least, Evernote could enable such a feature on Group/ Community/ Fan pages. Many might object, though, to the ease at which one could clip media from one's personal account which they might not want to have displayed at a later date... or even stored in any other shape or form. 


But I do agree that special clipping provision for FB would be super useful in many cases.

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