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Evernote differences between Android, iOS & Windows phone?

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First, forgive me if I am posting in the wrong forum and feel free to move it.


I've been using Evernote for several years and it's my #1 app that I use everyday. I began using it on Android and now Windows phone. I am getting ready for a new phone and was wondering if there are any major differences between the Android, iOS & Windows phone. 


Is Evernote on any particular OS better than the others?


What if any are the differences?


TIA for all comments.

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For one, the Windows Phone is mightily underdeveloped. Sort of just a token app. 


You might want to consider some Evernote family apps which are currently only available on iOS:


  • Scannable (I use it a whole bunch)
  • Penultimate (iPad)
  • 3rd-party task apps such as SnapEntry and Gneo

There are some top-quality 3rd-party apps (that integrate with Evernote) which find their best (or only) incarnation on iOS... otherwise the Android and iOS are fairly evenly matched.


Another biggie may be (if you're into hierarchical tag structures/ nested tags), Android allows one to display them as such. Not so on iOS (but that could change). Although I do have a nested tag thing going, I'm content to access mine on desktop. I've learned to do without on iOS.

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