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Feature request: change Notebooks Layout back to how it used to be

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Hi guys,


I'm a new evernote users, i really love the product so far, but i am having problem to find how to modify the layout of my notebooks.

I have made a quick image to explain what i want.(cf attach image)


- For the moment i have one column with all my notebooks and i don't like this view

- I want to get the default layout where notebooks appears in stack columns


Thanks for your time







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There's no option to change layouts - except running an old version of the program. The top image is the way the client now shows notebooks.

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Thanks for your very fast answer dconnet ! :)


Is there an official RFE where user could ask for this feature ?

basically choose the notebooks layout in :

- 1 main column

- multi stacks column like the old windows version or the mac version 


Because from a user pov

- in the old way you see all your notebooks on the screen in one shot

- on the other you have to scroll a lot to discover all your notebook 


Maybe some prefer the new layout but having the choice would be fantastic.

I personnally find that we lost a lot of screen space and it's kind of regression. 


This screenshot of the mac apps is just great :

- clean stack columns

- soft dark grey tone

- nice icons

Just perfect imo kinda jealous of the mac users at the moment :)


If it's not possible to make the update do you know where i can download old installer of evernote that support this feature ?


Thanks again for your help !






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After some research on the forum , this topics describe a way to desactivate the new beta with a toggle button located in :

settings > account summary beetween gift to a friend and username section there should be this "new beta" toggle.



My account don't display this button , so i am unable to go back to the old interface. i would like to know if :

- it's a Bug or it's normal for new users ?

- how to activate it ?


Thanks for your time !



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