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Few Comments & Require Help

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Hi, Evernote is a great product, it helps me a lot for daily notes taking. Really appreciate this, however, there are a few problems I faced with evernote:


1. There are some images I captured unable to save and result in the images being unable to show:



2. I loves to make notes on the PDF. Occasionally I will encounter an error saying:

' Unsupported PDF. Cannot annotate encrypted PDF. '

This really annoys me as I tend to read 30-50 pages/day and I do not have sufficient time to go back the same PDF and find the relevant part. 



3. I do find it quite hard to use the table as I am unable to copy and paste the info in table just to move it one row/column away. 

I also find it difficult to add a column/row in between two columns/rows and would really appreciate it if you can simplify the procedure. 


Lastly, just curious:


Are you able to input Table with some simple calculations such as Adding, Minus, Multiplication and Division?


Thank you & have a nice day. 

Premiur User (not sure if stating this will speed up the process) :P




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Hi.  User forum here,  so we don't much care whether you're premium or not,  though it helps to resolves queries sometimes.  Regarding yours -

  1. Useful to know what these images have in common;  are they very large / a particular format / from a specific website or document type?
  2. Encrypted PDFs can't be edited or annotated by anything unless opened with the password.
  3. What version of Evernote are you using?  Web / Desktop?  Win 7 / 8 / 10 ?  Right-clicking in the table should allow you to insert rows or columns as required (in the desktop version).

Tables don't do calculations of any sort.  It is possible to use Excel to create a table and cut and paste the result into Evernote,  but changes then have to be made by opening the table in Excel,  note just by editing the note.


Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your reply, 


1. Most of the time would be PNG and PDF format. 

2. That means I am able to read the annotated PDF but cannot edit it with Evernote? But Xodo Docs App allow me to edit it using the same PDF Document. I am not sure are there any possibilities for me to annotate PDF using Evernote (easier for me in case I use other Operating System such as tablets, Mac etc).  

3. Using Win 10 Pro with Dekstop Version : (276742) Public 

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 Hmmn.  PNG or PDF should open without any problems.  If the 'encrypted' notice is popping up on PDF's that are not actually encrypted,  that is a fault or a bug - I'd suggest raising a support ticket - click Troubleshooting in the Help Center (link below in my sig) and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 'Contact Support' button.  If you quote the URL of this thread it may help.  :)

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