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(Archived) problems with bold text in 1.6.1



Dear All

It appears that the handling of bold text is broken with the desktop client on my mac (10.6, desktop client version 1.6.1/70263).

If I change a bit of text to bold via command-b, the text turns bold, but the toolbar bold does not light up. afterwards I cannot unbold the text again, either via command-b or via the toolbar button.

this means for instance if I type some text in bold at the end of a note, all the text afterwards is bold and cannot be returned to regular weight.

(note that underline works as expected.)

I hope this hasn't been previously reported; a quick search on 'bold' did not reveal anything.

Thanks for a great product!



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This *still* occurs in version 2.0.5. The repro is simple:

Turn on a fixed width font, and bold the text.

The text will become bold, but there is no way to unbold it. (Also, the icon does not show that the text is currently bolded.) This same issue occurs with italicizing the text, but does not have any problems with underlining.

I'm currently using Snow Leopard, and the font I'm using is Andale Mono.

Any help or update on this matter would be appreciated.

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This is still the case in the Mac Version 3.0.5 (209942): if you bold or italicize a monospaced font, you can't turn off bold or italics. (Underlining works as expected, however; you can toggle it back and forth.)

The workaround is to highlight the offending text, change the font (with CMD T) to something proportional, unbold or unitalic and then change the font back.

It's a minor annoyance, apart from figuring out why it happens.

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