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Where is the Android beta group?

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I've submitted the form for beta testing and now it is asking me to join a group but I don't see an Android beta testing group anywhere.    Does anyone have a direct link?   





Hi Ricky


The Android Beta Community is primarily located on our G+ group. By joining us on G+, you’ll be able to join the discussion and easy access to the newest version of Android Beta. 
Let me know if you run into any issues accessing this :)
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I'm giving this topic a nudge again because, although @charboyd's answer was spot on back in November 2015, now that Google is closing down Google+ (and also bearing in mind the fact that the Google+ Android Beta Community has been abandoned by EN for several months now - the only recent posts there have been from loyal beta community members) I'd like to know what the 'new guard' at EN have in mind for rebooting the Android Beta testers group? Eg. will it be hosted here on the general EN discussion forum, or perhaps on one of the many other discussion platforms available instead? Personally, I'd like to see it here, as in my opinion this platform works well.

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