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Other Applications, expiration in Access



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I reinstalled the application and noticed that it asks to connect to evernote for one year only. Are the developrs OK? Why would they do just one year?

Therefore its not an Evernote issue, sorry. I must have emailed the Receiptmate company 10 times, no answer. How I hate companies, who are selling the applications and give you ZERO % support. I would pay 5 times more, just give me the support.


I also received an email from Evernote:

"Receiptmate has been granted access to your Evernote account and will maintain access until Nov 9, 2016.
If you did not authorize this application to access your Evernote account, or want to view app access settings, visit your application settings."


Why would Evernotegrant only for one year?

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Hi.  Most apps requesting access to Evernote generate a screen that defaults to 1 year,  but can be altered to days weeks or months if you prefer.  Don't know if you can select longer than a year.  It makes sense not to give unlimited access,  because then the onus would be on you to remember to cancel it if you don't use that service.  As it is,  after a year either the app,  or Evernote will remind you that you need to grant access again and you can either ignore the reminder or click accept.

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