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Image clipping - saved in note or hotlinked?

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I have a question about the way Evernote Desktop clips images from the web.


Sometimes clipped images seem to be saved within a note, while others seem to be "hotlinked".

OS: Windows 8.1Evernote Version: (276472) PublicAccount: Evernote BasicBrowser: Firefox 42.0Clipping method: Highlight text/images + Hotkey

I was clipping text and images from this page: http://www.page45.com/world/2015/11/page-45-comic-graphic-novel-reviews-november-2015-week-one/


The particular page probably isn't important but I've included it here just in case.


I was clipping different sections of the page to separate notes.


On some of the captured notes, the images were saved "into" the note - as confirmed by the note size and that when I hover over the image in evernote I get an overlay of the Annotate button.


On other notes captured the images are not saved "into" the note, though the images do show they appear to be loaded from the internet - hotlinked.

The note size stayed at ~7kb when one of the included images is 85kb, and when I hover over the image in Evernote I do not get the annotate option. There are also less options in the right click menu of the image.



I find it odd that the behaviour is different within a single page. The website is a wordpress site, and all of the clipped images are hosted at the same domain.


Has anyone else noticed this programme behaviour?


Is there any way to make sure that evernote saves the images "into" the note?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Hi.  I just clipped the right-hand column (the 'article') using the web clipper and AFAICS all the pics are exactly that and the clip size is 10.6MB.  Which ones were the pics you couldn't get?


What did you mean by clipping method = highlight + hot key?

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Hi gazumped,


Thanks for your reply.


For example, I selected the second title down:

Becoming Unbecoming

all the way down to just before the next title, and it does not embed the images in the note. As I've said, there is no visual difference in the note - but I imagine that if the online version of the image were taken offline it would be gone from the note too.


Conversly, when I select the first title (Two Brothers) the images are embedded in the note.


By highlight and hotkey, I meant that I am highlighting text and using the evernote desktop assigned hotkey to clip portions of text/image from the page - as opposed to using any browser extension.

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No problem.  There may be differences in the way Win+A and <browser> Clip Selection work;  if you check the page link for the first picture under the 'Becoming Unbecoming' title, it ends in HTML,  meaning the picture file name is 'hidden' inside a link to the page for that comic.  The next one down has a JPG file name,  so it is the actual picture.  I don't know why (or whether) there's a difference in the way that a straight 'copy' doesn;t include the actual picture,  while the clip does,  but if you don't get the results you expect,  I'd suggest raising this as a bug in a support ticket - click Troubleshooting in the Help Center (link below in my sig) and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 'Contact Support' button.


Meantime,  try the Clipper and Clearly browser extensions if you need a full picture?

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Thanks again for taking the time to look at this.


I don't think the html/jpg thing is the reason. This only shows what the image is hyperlinked to. On both of those titles, the cover image is linked to a html page while the internal book page images link to the images themselves.


The two clips still show the strangely differing behaviour.


I'll report it as a bug. Thanks again.



BTW, I have noticed this behaviour before and, oddly, I've had it happen where re-clipping the same section of a page returns both behaviours at different times. I have not been able to recreate this with the current version of evernote - which is a good thing I guess :)

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