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Windows 7 prof 64b - notebook dispersal problem

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The Windows application shows multiple copies of each notebook and the content notes for each notebook are dispersed between separate notebook items (with same name).


This problem shows up only on my home installation, but not on my office workstation (same OS), and not on my Android phone.


Please help.  I have already ensured reinstallation of the latest version.





> note a



> note b



> note c


rather than:



>note a

>note b

>note c

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Hi.  Looks like your local database may be corrupted on the home machine.  If you have no unsynced notes and no local notebooks,  this means File > Exiting  Evernote and renaming the Databases folder to Databases.old.  Restart the application and the database will be rebuilt - this can take a little while if you have lots of notes;  do it when you don't need the app for a couple of hours.

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