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Can't import Onenote files - is there a workaround?

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I've got a ticket open on this but wondering if anyone has suggestions for a work around to my problem...

I've been trying to use the Import>Onenote function to move all my notes over to Evernote. I've tried it on my new work laptop running Windows 8 and my personal Surface 3 running Windows 10. It just crashes first Onenote and then Evernote each time. I've tried just doing a small number of notes at a time and no joy.

While the EN guys are looking for the problem for me, does anyone know of an alternative way of doing this? I've tried deleting and reinstalling EN and ON on both machines.

Thanks for any advice.

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OneNote and Evernote have both undergone changes since the import feature was introduced,  and the current version may not have caught up..  If you have a ticket,  I'd wait for the response before going further.  Are we talking lots of notes here?  It's obviously going to be possible to transfer notes manually - you could simply work on an 'agile' basis and transfer notes as they are needed,  leaving the rest in OneNote for the time being and using it purely as a look-up source.

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I had the same issue (EN and OneNote crash on selecting a OneNote folder using the File Import Microsoft OneNote command) and raised a support ticket on 02Nov15.  Tried the usual stuff.  EN support advised last week that this (import from OneNote) is indeed an issue, and they are awaiting their QA testing and priority assignment.  So I guess it's a "watch this space" bug.  But if anyone finds a way round this that's not one-at-a-time notes, please advise.

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