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Clipper incompatible with Firefox 43


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I just moved up to the Firefix beta 43.0b1 and as part of the process an incompatble add-in - clipper 6.1 - was disabled.  Now when I go to the add-ons page there's a big 'not compatible' warning on the standard clipper,  and if I go to the history page,  which is where I found 6.1 last time I looked,  it's not even listed.  I can load the incompatble 6.0.15,  so I'll carry on using it for the time being..  hope you guys are looking at the Firefox updates...

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Hi Gazumped,


Thank you for the heads up on the Firefox Beta 43.0 Beta 1. We are currently working with Mozilla on this with the currently released version. Hang tight and we will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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