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Some questions upon using the Android app

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Why do I have to hit the Edit key in order to alter a note? This is not how other apps work.

Why do I have to create a text note in order to make an audio recording? Why is the audio feature so buried? 

Why is two thirds of the home screen and ad for a product that I am already paying for?
Why is the arrow to close a note in the upper left corner which is the furthest spot from my thumb?
Why does the back key initiate a Discard operation rather than a Save operation?
Why is the suggested note title never, ever relevant to my note? 
Why is it that every time I need to interact with Evernote to record a thought, interacting with the app is so complex that it takes me out of my flow?
Why do I need to focus more on operations then on my ideas?
Why don't you hire me to help improve your products? 
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  1. With other apps you specifically open a file to view or change it.  Using Evernote to view your notes is the equivalent of opening dozens of files (notes) to browse through and then select the one you wish to change.  Without an edit key you might add or delete characters to the wrong note by accident - as dozens of users found before Evernote introduced this option.
  2. In Evernote everything is either a note,  or attached to a note.  It's the way the app works.  (But if you use a widget it is possible to tap the 'record' button from your home screen).
  3. No clue.  Screenshot would help.
  4. If you mean the check mark,  possibly designed to avoid accidental closures.
  5. There's a 'back' key in Android?
  6. Because the suggested title is clipped from your calendar.  It's also an optional feature.
  7. See (2) above - try setting another widget key for 'quick note' - it's one tap from your home screen.
  8. Because you're new to the app and haven't gotten used to using it yet?

Ah,  User forum here.  You might want to try Evernote's recruitment page.



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