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I use the Mac version at home and Windows at my job. Also, I use the web version occasionally.

On the OSX version, I clip a new note and then change the title to something other than "Untitled". I hit save. In the other platforms, this renames the note to something I can use. On the OSX version prior to version 1.6.1 (build 70263), the Untitled would return after displaying the new title and after saving. I am using build 70263 on Snow Leopard and the problem persists.

1) with EC closed, from Chrome --> Print --> save pdf to Evernote;

2) EC fires up, double-click to select the title of the note, modify the title and hit 'Enter';

3) The note itself will display the new title, but will be listed as "Untitled" in the 'Notes' area;

4) Use command-S to commit changes to renamed note from step 2;

5) Quit and restart EC. Both in the note and in the 'Notes' displayed title will be "Untitled";

To replicate bug, open a new url each time for step 1.

Macbook, 10.6.2 Core Duo.

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