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Have monthly subscriptions ended?

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I had a premium Evernote subscription by the month.


I ran into some issues I'll describe in my next post.


I can only find where to resubscribe for a year.


Is it still possible to subscribe month by month, and if so, how?

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Hi.  If you go to your 'My Account' page online and choose 'manage subscriptions' and the Premium option,  the monthly choice is on the next screen.


The OP ran into a problem with a billing issue and he lost his Premium status.

Is it possible to order the monthly choice as a Free user?

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I DID that, multiple times, it's the first thing I tried - all I can find is an annual premium subscription option.  I have always had the monthly option, and that is what you cancelled because you had a billing glitch and couldn't process my payment even though there is no problem with my account!


Now, if there is a monthly option, please specifically direct me to it.


Thank you.

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When I go through the page links I listed,  this is what I see for my basic test account -



The (very long) link is session-related to my account,  so none-transferable.


If you really can't see the top monthly option,  it may be because your previous payment hit problems.  The alternative is -


Submit a CS support request by choosing "payment issue" in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

If you go by the website you'll get an instant acknowledgement and ticket number - post that here and we can get an admin to have a look at the issue for you.

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I already posted the ticket number on the other thread where I asked how to contact a human being at Evernote, and described the entire issue.


On this thread I simply asked if there is some way to resubscribe on a monthly basis that I missed, and noone has yet pointed me to something I didn't already find.

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Actually, I didn't click on the "premium" option, because it isn't at all clear that if I do it won't simply subscribe me for a year and charge me $45 I can't afford to lose.   I really want to CONSULT WITH A LIVE HUMAN BEING before I make that click!    Then the human being will be on the PHONE with me to fix it if I get subscribed for a year instead of a month.   


It's not like much else about your web site makes any sense.   Makes any sense would be telephone customer support!  

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I just created a test account and tried it.   What you said above is correct as far as it goes.


But this form would only be offered to someone for whom they do not already have an account number.   


I'm assuming that if they do, and I click that button, it'll just charge me for the $45 or $49 for a yearly subscription!


It needs to give people the options on the first screen, if they have options.  

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I mean that the form and hte choices would only come up if they don't already have your credit or debit card information.  Otherwise I'm assuming you automatically get charged for a year - because that's what it says happens!


I can't afford to lose $45 from my account, I don' t have enough money, and I sure don't trust a company that doesn't straightforwardly provide customer service I can just contact and talk to somebody. 

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It actually looks like my issue somehow got fixed.   They just didn't deign to notify me they fixed it, because then they'd have to be human.


It now tells me I have a premium account and it expires next month.  

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Hi.  I'm glad your account was rescued,  and now that you're a premium subscriber* you'll be able to use the 'chat' option on the support page if you'd like to - an IM service which is as close to human contact as Evernote is able to provide with 150M users.


If you check my signature you'll see that this is a user-supported forum,  so we can't alter the payment methods or guarantee to read posts in order - and Evernote don't generally work over weekends,  so I don't think they have taken any specific action on this yet.  You should still get some followup - sooner rather than later if you chose the 'payment methods' option as suggested.


Edit:  *again

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Hi Villandra, this is so weird, I replied to your post of your billing issue last November, we had the same problem:




Just now I also got declined for no apparent reason, and I search through the forum and find you have the same problem AGAIN?


I was immediately booted from Premium, I got an email response saying it was their fault, and to re-authorize, but now it is $0.99 more per month than what I was paying. How convenient.


Gazumped I'm sure Evernote's revenue does not compare but Ebay has 150 million users and phone support, I have used it and it does work.


The maze to go through to contact Evernote support is disgusting in my opinion.

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You know, I just posted to the wrong post, and I was trying to figure out how, not only did I make virtually the same post almost exactly a year ago, but I'm responding to a current post that is not there.  




Seriously, I resolved this one by complaining to the Better Business Bureau, and that's when Evernote customer support suddenly managed to "find" my ticket that was escalated to billing and then nada.  


You know, when I complained, Evernote had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and five complaints, all resolved.  If people complained when they run into this problem AND THERE IS NO PHONE SUPPORT, that rating would slip.  Evernote does not belong to the Better Business Bureau, but they've got too much riding on their PR to not care.   


Incidentally, when they finally did check into it, Evernote admitted the problem was on their end.  But a post by someone named "Nancy" in response to the complaints last November, scolded us for complaining about a problem that is usually OUR faults.


I am looking into alternatives to Evernote, People.  No, Evernote is not up to business use, or dedicated personal use either.   It is extremely useful, but only insofar as it is reliable, and it is not reliable.   And Evernote's administration have an attitude.  

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Hmmn.  I'd guess "Nancy" would be Nancy Fu Magee,  Evernote's 'Product Manager of Commerce' or otherwise the boss of billing. 


I'm glad something got sorted out anyway,  but IMHO using the BBB is the long way around to satisfaction.  Contacting Evernote directly with as much relevant information as possible will normally get you a pretty fast response on access and payment issues,  and if that fails one of the many channels on LinkedIn / Facebook / G+ / Tumblr / Evernote.com and (last but not least) here,  will usually get their attention.  I don't (as you may gather) agree that Evernote are hard to contact,  and they're usually quick to fix anything they can.


IME all big companies these days hide behind call centres,  complicated phone answering services ("press 1 for bill payment..."),  and lots of "FAQs" that are usually Marketing's idea of what customers will want to know,  which diverge from reality by a factor of 95-100%


I've always found Evernote pretty fair and reasonable - and none of the big responders here get paid for doing this.  It's a sweet deal for Evernote,  but then we get something out of it too - if I just stuck with the uses of Evernote that I've grown into,  I'd tend to forget the features I don't usually need.  Answering questions about them occasionally prompts a lightbulb moment about some dumb thing I'm doing that could be solved differently.

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