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Feature request:upload notes to could services such as Dropbox on iOS



I want the ability to export (and import) notes to cloud servixes such as Google Drive and Dropbox. This would help me because my teachers don't like Work Chat and I don't know why. They want me to upload my notes and homework to google drive. I think this feature would be helpful for everyone. There should also be auto upload so evernote could automaticaaly upload my notes.

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I think it's pretty unlikely that Evernote will build this kind of solution themselves.


You could print your notes to PDF and manually add them to any other service that you choose to use - there may even be an IFTT solution for this already.

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I would also like the ability to get an Evernote text note (so no attachment, just formatted text) out of Evernote, and prefer it to be exported as a PDF. I may want to share it with someone, such as my list of current medications and nutritional supplements with a doctor, or use it for another purpose. My specific example is exactly what I needed and it prompted me to spend an inordinate amount of time trying things to only find out there wasn't a great solution. I ended up using the "Mail" option from the Share Sheet to mail the contents to myself as a PDF and went from there; however, it had header information as part of the PDF that I didn't want (e.g., the mailing address of noreply@evernote.com) and the Evernote advertisement at the bottom of the note; plus, it did not retain the bold, italic, and unordered list formatting. I just wanted the body of the note (in this case, other times the header/footer may be fine; and I definitely want it to retain the text formatting).

I submitted a support request in case I was just missing something and was told this would require a third party app. I found that surprising because the mail app I use, Spark, allows me to "Save as PDF" from their Share Sheet. I was also told to post my feature request on this Forum, as that is where others can vote and comment on it, and Evernote reviews the ideas posted here. So, here I am. :)

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It's a bit circuitous but you can use iBooks to do this.

  1. Go to the note you want to turn into a PDF
  2. Press the three dots in the lower right corner
  3. Press Share
  4. Press Save PDF to iBooks
  5. Press Private link
  6. Press the share icon in iBooks (if you don't get the email option right away, try again)
  7. Press email
  8. Do your thing
  9. After you send the email you can hit the back arrow and delete the PDF from iBooks
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