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I use Evernote almost daily to store things - I rarely use it to reference those things I have stored, I have just revisited the Evernote Web, and Touch and I need to say that Evernote in these formats has changed and not for the better. Gigantic icons that look like they've been designed for 3 year olds with reading difficulties, few options for view customization, and if there's a way to search for notes with multiple tags now, it's ENTIRELY un-intuitive. I'm really disappointed, I've been a premium member for 3 years and it's a shame to me that overzealous UXD people have changed Evernote for the worse. The Evernote UI used to make sense to me, 'simple' is not what I want - I want powerful. I don't need the software that contains the contents of my brain to feel like a picture book, I need it to have functionality.  This goes for all incarnations of Evernote, but don't get me started on Windows Evernote Touch. Thankfully the Mac interface is still great - Evernote, please step up on the other interfaces, and revert back to what worked. If it aint broke...

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