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Evernote AS trello? - Feature Suggestion

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hi there,


being an enthusiastic user of evernote a friend introduced me to trello a few days ago (he is equally enthusiastic about it). after playing around with it I came to belief that replace


board (trello) with stacks of notebooks (evernote),

stacks (trello) with notebooks (evernote) &

cards (trello) with notes (evernote)


add to that the capability to share stacks of notebooks (and not "just" individual notebooks) as well as a view option allowing you to show multiple notebooks side by side and evernote pretty much *is* trello.


would certainly appreciate that as a feature for an upcoming release!


taking this further more flexibility and customization in the way stacks, notebooks & notes can be arranged in evernote would significantly improve the (already stellar) benefits of evernote in (my) day to day productivity...


just my two cents worth,



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Hi.  Trello has some Evernote integration,  so it's possible to use both;  also there are apps like Mohiomaps and CardDesk which will give you different visual interpretations of your database content.  I've used all three at different times for different tasks.  Evernote do seem keen to keep what they regard as 'core' functions within the main app,  and leave other features to be added by third party developers.

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