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Frequent multiple copies of notes

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I love Evernote. One thing that's bugging me though is that sometimes when i'm using Evernote is that i sometimes i can get 3 copies or so of the note i'm using that appear for no reason. It would be no problem apart from the fact it seems not all the notes are up to date for the text i just typed.


Any ideas.



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Hi.  Are all these notes in the same notebook?  You may be receiving 'Conflicting Changes' notifications - if two devices are connected to the same account in Evernote and both save different version of the same note -


"Evernote creates a duplicate note with any edits made. This duplicate note is automatically saved to a notebook named “Conflicting Changes...” along with a unique timestamp. Users are responsible for determining which changes they would like to keep or discard."


The trick is to manually sync before,  during and after any changes are being made.

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Hi.  There is a 'hidden' menu to optimize the database (option+help) plus various fixes which may assist you - make sure that you don't need to use the device for a while before you start the process though,  and you should have a database backup just in case... 

(Obligatory health warning - messing with your database can negatively impact your day!)

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