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How do I manually order notes for presentation mode?

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Love the idea of doing a presentation in Evernote. However, I can't see how to manually order the notes I want to present. Thus, as I work, my "slides" keep shuffling out of order. For instance, if I decide to modify a slide that should be in the middle of the presentation, it will now jump to the end (or beginning, if I reverse the "Updated" option). Sorting by "Created" doesn't work because I didn't make the "slides" in the order I want to show them.


Presentation mode is a recipe for confusion and embarrassment without some way to control the sequence of notes, so I am sure such a way exists. But where is it? Can anyone enlighten me?





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Assign a 5-digit number at the start of the Title of each Note.
Here is what the numbers would look like for the first 8 Notes:
  • 00100
  • 00200
  • 00300
  • 00400
  • 00500
  • 00600
  • 00700
  • 00800
Why use this kind of numbering scheme? Well, for a couple reasons:
  • Not doubt, after you've given a 5-digit number to all the relevant Notes, either you will want to change the sequence of the Notes or you will want to add some new Note into the mix. You will want to do so without having to change the 5-digit numbers of the other Notes. - - - Here's an example. Suppose I have the above 8 Notes and I want to add a 9th one after the 00400 Note. Just give this new Note the number 00450. That way, when you re-sort all the Notes, they will be in your desired sequence.
  • Using the same number of digits at the start of the Titles of your Notes will get the text of the Titles lined up vertically in "List" view which will make them a little easier to read.
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Can you page through notes in presentation mode?  My current Windows desktop version (which is the latest beta) just shows one note - if I select three notes and click 'present',  I get the first on screen,  but no way to click on to the next.  Page up/ down doesn't work,  neither do arrow keys or +/- keys with or without Ctrl.  At the moment all I can do is merge my presentation notes together and add 'page breaks' between them.  Am I missing something?

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To move to the next slide (Note), hold down the CTRL key and hit the right arrow.


I had to go to the online EN Help system to read up on how to do it. - - - It does work fine, but, if memory serves me correctly, a user only had to hit the right arrow to advance in prior EN versions. - - - It seems that holding down the CTRL shouldn't need to be required.

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...Which is why I keep on coming back to the forums!  Thankyou!!  I thought I tried that earlier,  but obviously I needed the mojo of your telling me it should work to make it happen.  Very happy Gaz now!  No more merges!



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Before it was possible to move from note to note what Gaz is now able to do as well ;-) the official Evernote way was to create a note with a table of contents (note links) of the notes to be presented.


This still works. When showing this note in presentation mode you can jump to the notes via the note links on the TOC note and after vising each note you have to go back to the TOC note. This might not be what you want but it may force you to create a nice structure for your presentation. This method is also much faster than the one with numbered titles because a TOC note can be created easily and you don't need to change the titles when re-ordering notes. You just need to modify the TOC note.

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