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Font becomes small and serif when text is pasted into Apple Mail

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Hi There


A bug from the new update:


When I copy text into Apple Mail, to email it, it pastes as a small serif font, not as Helvetica Neue.


I've done a clean install to see if that fixes it, and it doesn't.


If within the note I change the font from "Default" specifically to Helvetica, the above problem does not happen. But left on "Default" (which is set in the preferences to be Helvetica), it becomes a serif font when pasted into mail.


I'm hoping this can be address soon




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Here is what I have found with regards to how Evernote Mac handles the font specification in the underlying code.

  1. If you enter text into EN Mac using the default font, then NO HTML font tags are entered
    1. Thus, when you copy from EN Mac and paste into another app, the other app gets to choose which font styles are used.
  2. If you apply font styles in EN Mac different from the EN default, then EN *does* store the HTML font tags with the text
    1. Thus, when you copy/paste to another app, EN provides the HTML font styes which the receiving app uses.

This is NOT anything official from Evernote -- just my observations.


Hope this helps.

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